the most delicious

while my mom was in town myles and i whipped together some mouth-watering-finger-licking avacado cherry-tomato toast. secure in his bumbo, myles locked eyes on the intriguing colors i was working with. when i was finished i asked myles if it was ready to serve (of course in a high-pitched obnoxious mommy voice). he gave his approval in form of an animated squeal and spastic arm thrashing matched with a big gaping smile. wish i got that one on camera.


  1. I love him. And can I please come see your place soon? I'm dying!! Love you!

  2. he is so cute! I love bumbos!! his thunder thighs might get too big soon! jk he's still such a lil baby :) on the mish i'd always eat saltines with avacados and tomatoes- one of the only things that didn't upset my tummy! good times :) love you!

  3. I love the chair! Myles is so handsome!