in good company

we had a few of our dear friends over to celebrate ashley's birthday! it was a last minute shin dig so we were happy with the turnout (we're missing cole and jenny in the pics). it was great to catch up and share some laughs together. we sang, devoured ice-cream&brownies, and relaxed. naturally, mr. myles was the main source of entertainment. he was a crowd pleaser with his assortment of facial expressions and adorable thumb sucking. ashley gave him the head scratch of his dreams. his eyes would flutter and his face would shiver as she stroked her fingers over his fuzzy head. it was darling.
we have a little video of it!
sidenote: we are still unpacking from the move so don't mind the heap of boxes in the background!

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  1. He is SUCH a cutie! Glad you're back to blogging! Let's do a post this week!