confessions of a first time mamma

:: 5 things i'll do differently for my next pregnancy ::

1. be more outgoing during my pregnancy because boy was i a hermit crab. i spent most hours in my bed when i wasn't working, at school, cooking, or out with taylor. i was ALWAYS tired, fatigued, and nauseous so rest seemed like the best solution. also my hormones were all over the place and persistently played tricks on me which resulted in frequent episodes of depression or random days back to my normal-extroverted-self (kind of like bi-polar but not haha).
2. don't worry about having every detail finished before the baby comes. i can't tell you the amounts of stress and anxiety i had before the baby came with preparing everything and making sure i had every last baby item on my list. honestly i didn't even need 3/4 of my baby stuff in the beginning. next time i will make sure i have the essentials ready and recognized i can get other things gradually- when my baby actually needs those things. 
3. eat food in the morning even if it means ill be throwing it up later. i could count on throwing up almost everyday for 24 weeks when i was pregnant (that's what made me think we were having a girl). this is a little gross, but i would rather just throw up bile than nasty chunks of food. eating was a struggle because i was always so nauseous and in most cases i wouldn't eat until about 1 or 2 in the afternoon. so next time, i will be more conscientious about eating sooner.
4. get more exercise. i was pretty active during my first pregnancy but not consistently active. for my next pregnancy i want to go on a walk/run every day, pump some iron, do some yoga, get outdoors, whatever floats my boat, as long as i am doing it everyday. utah is great for that!
5. read the books before the baby comes- not when he/she gets here! what was i thinking? first of all, i am a slow reader. second, i get distracted easily when i read (yes, even if it's a good book). so when you combine that with having the real live baby sitting in your lap with his own needs, let's just say you don't get very far. the books aren't completely necessary but they do supply you with helpful knowledge and give you an idea of what to expect from your baby.

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  1. how cute are you with a baby bump! oh my goodness!! aww. i love reading these! It really helps!! xoxo

  2. You really are such a cute momma! Love your pregnancy pics. Love your comments. I was the same with my first pregnancy. I was much much better with my second pregnancy (especially #4, working out really does make all the difference.) Hope you love love love being a mom. You are one gorgeous woman!

  3. You're joy and strength in motherhood has always inspired me! i'll be joining you shortly. but not too shortly! love you! hope you're loving your new place.

  4. You are too cute! I will keep these in mind when the time comes for me...


  5. You were so cute while pregnant!! Thanks for the ideas.