catch up

i am desperately behind on blogging. it has been quite eventful over here; we moved to a new place in Draper, myles had his blessing, my mother was in town, celebrating weddings and birthdays, unpacking (this can go on repeat), and lots of playing and loving on punkin king (myles). he is four months today and that calls for some celebration (i'll let him suck on a piece of celery!! his new fav.) 

i was particularly emotional this past sunday- mother's day. it was a very special day for me because it was a beautiful reminder of my special calling of being a mother. i was reflecting on how motherhood has transformed me and molded me over these past four months. it's been a very exciting and eventful journey, requiring heaps and masses of patience, sacrifice, love, and a good attitude. i then began thinking about my baby boy. how quickly he is growing up and how the thought of him getting bigger completely overwhelms me. for a moment i envisioned him as a boy and then a man- a grown man with a family. and it made me really sad. really sad that my time with him is fleeting (or so it feels). i immediately parted with those sad thoughts as myles started squirming in my arms bringing me back to reality. his little eyes wandered around and than all of a sudden he was still, locking eyes with mine. those innocent eyes delivered peace to my soul and a warm burning in my heart. it was just the comfort i needed. how did he know :)

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  1. being a mother is such a special calling and blessing, i find myself thinking those things too at times, but have to remind myself of the wonderful, present time with my baby girl that I have. im happy you had a great mothers day! its so amazing to be a mom!