my two boys

nothing brings more joy to my soul than seeing these two together. they are two peas in a pod. taylor is such a natural at being a dad and for that i feel very blessed. what more could a mother ask for? every morning myles will wake up for a feeding. during this feeding taylor usually arrives home from the gym and excitedly rushes into our room in hopes that myles is awake and he can spend a few minutes with him before he showers and leaves for work. like clockwork, as soon as myles hears taylor's voice he immediately pulls off from nursing and darts his eyes in every which direction desperately trying to find his daddy and gives a massive grin as soon as they lock eyes. it makes my heart smile to know that this little four month old baby knows and is already so fond of his father.


  1. That was so fun to see you three!!!! Miles really is so darling and such a pleasant baby!

  2. So cute! I love you guys. Thanks again for dinner last night, it was so good and we had so much fun!