this face

me oh my this fella is packing on the pounds 
and caking on the rolls
--we ain't complaining.
more baby to love all over and blow raspberries on.
oh those scrumptious rolls. 
so soft and squishy.
 you want to know something strange?
when myles is going through his 
he makes some pretty outrageous facial expressions.
whimsical? very much so.
some of them are beyond imaginable and quite frankly cross the line of impossible.
i still ask myself how he can muster up some of those scrunched faces of his.
they are entertainment to the max. 
here is one of my current favorites. 
a candid shot just as he was waking up.
oh that double chin....
his pointy tongue....

i think we can use our imaginations with what was going on in that poor diaper...


  1. Okay best face ever! haha Mary he is so dang cute!

  2. hahaha Mary that picture is hilarious!

  3. Oh my gosh Mar! This is hilarious! I love your blog by the way :) looking good!