deep in thought

lately, ive been entertaining the idea of going back 
to school for my masters in the next year or so- sometime soon. 
i truly have established this passion for psychology 
over the years.
 a craving really. 
after extensive deliberation for quite some time, i
feel confident that i'd like to work as a therapist. 
either with children or young adults.
 perhaps both.
i love disorders.
i love learning about them and digesting the large spectrum of
new techniques, interventions, and therapeutic approaches 
all of which allow an individual to overcome and rise above.
people are not defined by their disorders,
but our culture seems to think otherwise. 
i relish in idea that i am responsible for having some part in changing a life,
 helping a person embrace their talents,
ridding themselves of pride and self-hatred, creating a trusting relationship
with a person, watching one be stripped 
down to the core and experience all those depressingly painful emotions--
only to find the most beautiful soul- a vulnerable soul. 
a soul that matters in this life and has the capacity to 
sway and impact another life. 
witnessing confidence swell, anger fade, hope flourish, 
hearts soften, humility blossom- 
are some of the most inspiring moments for me.
my life has had quite a few bumps in it's day. 
emotions and experiences that define me.
ones that have enlightened and refined me. 
i love to share my story, my experiences, 
and my passions and use them to relate to &
strengthen those seeking amends. 
  or the courage to change.  

right now, my goals and passions are
centered on motherhood.
i felt discouraged with what i needed to do with 
my life while i was pregnant. 
whether to pursue psychology right away or to concentrate 
on this life-altering change that was taking place 
(creating a human, that is).
i felt inspired to just prepare for my baby during that time.
and that was the best decision for me. 
putting my schooling and career on hold doesn't mean 
i've said goodbye. it just isn't a priority right now.
myles is.
my dear myles means the world to me. 
the Lord has entrusted me with such a beautiful, tender, and 
intelligent soul. a soul with fundamental needs:
unceasing love, constant nurturing, adoration, & stimulation, and ongoing encouragement.
i absolutely love the dependency an infant has for the mother and vice versa.
 the baby-mother attachment, bond, and connection all intertwine to create 
this unprecedented relationship that goes beyond the surface, anchoring 
in the depths of the soul. 
and what's so unique about this relationship is that it is 
instantaneous- as soon as your little babe enters the world
boom, its there.
in one word, extraordinary.
 i believe motherhood is the greatest calling a woman has in this life
and feel overwhelmed with gratitude that i am 
already experiencing the blessing of motherhood. 


  1. Sweet! I love your new look too. Is it easy to add tabs? Could you help me out? I have been wanting to add tabs on my page for awhile. Let me know if you can help!

    1. Sharsti! I need to see you! I wish I knew how to do it but my friend actually designed it for me... I know a lot of my friends youtube and find tutorials that show you how to do it. I know that my friend had to put in some html coding for the format.

  2. wow props to you for wanting to go back to school!! you never cease to amaze me:) ps. if i ever have a paper to write im going to come to you for tips! love your writing & love you!!:)

    1. Annie I feel like a million bucks! I love writing so that means a lot!