how i wish i could sew

if i were one of those blessed souls who could sew and throw together
these darling pillows, i would be all over that in a heart beat. 
we recently bought a new {gray} couch that i am in love 
with and for accent pillows i want an 
explosion of color.
im not sure if i would stick to a color pallet or just have a plethora 
beautiful pillows spread along the couch.
typically i would want to use a gray and yellow pattern seeing as how 
im obsessed with that color scheme. however, reds, greens, blues, and purples
are starting to steal my heart- just a little. 
and it doesn't hurt to to broaden my horizon.
i love simple, modern, and floral design. 
a goal of mine to accomplish by summer is to at least attempt to 
make two pillows.
the fabric hunt is on.

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