mr. baby man

it's unreal how quickly babies 
grow and transform into little people. once a skinny legged munchie, 
now a squishy fat chunkie. myles really has made me proud. 
i feel bittersweet about these changes because 
it means he will only continue to get bigger.
and his small tiny self will be gone forever.
 He is growing out of his clothes so quickly i am kicking myself 
because some of his outfits haven't even been worn! 
i won't complain because these new stages he's in generate 
some pretty fancy grins from mamma. and he keeps me wanting more.
a few ways myles is currently stealing my heart...
1. he has the most beautiful rolls all over his body- often you will find myles hanging out in his diaper only. they are my obsession and weakness.
2. he loves to stand. and it doesn't stop there. he makes this adorable expression where is mouth is in a perfect O and his little tongue pays us a visit. In and out, in and out.
3. the way he grabs my shirt while he nurses. his motor skills have really developed over the past two weeks and he is now grabbing things.
4. i'll catch myles just starring at me with a curious expression. i love it. i love that he knows his mamma. 
5. while he's smiling myles will try his hardest to laugh. i think we need a few more weeks for his laugh to arrive.
6. his newest trick! he is propped up on a  cylindrical pillow (used as a decorative pillow) and he will push and push and finally scoot his little body over that pillow and give himself a good face plant.
oh my word it is hysterical.
7. he loves to carry conversation when he's in a good mood. so pretty much all the time.
8. his scared cry- oh. my. gosh. cutest sound alive (maybe just for me). i love rescuing him from scary things. it's the best. 

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