a simple challenge

over the past few years, college years in particular, 
general conference hits home every.single.time. 
these men are inspired from god and i am overwhelmed 
with humility as they so gracefully choose the right words 
and topics to fill our souls with comfort, desire to change, hope, and 
most importantly love. 
my love for the great leaders of our church is unwavering. 
being a member of the church of jesus christ of latter day saint &
knowing that i am a daughter of heavenly father has rescued me from many 
heartaches, fears, & disappointments.
i have never been alone. ever.
and i find so much comfort with that knowledge.
when i have been down on myself, the first thing i do is
beat myself up and list off the very many talents i don't have.
 a thick cloud of insecurities emerges and completely replaces
any pick-me-up thoughts.

it's not until i am on my knees and tearfully pleading with god
for strength to rise above.
hope floods my entire body sending shivers up and down my spine.
god so quickly reminds me that i am a divine, i am important,
and that i need to be focusing on the many gifts and talents i have been blessed with.
its frustrating how often i forget and often i need to be reminded, but i am
only human and i have to tell myself "it's okay".

im grateful for a husband who never hesitates to send a positive affirmation
my way. he is kind, patient, and builds me up.
im grateful for a son who makes me feel so beautiful all the time
and who wants me no matter how stinky, ugly, or crappy i feel.
i find so much comfort in being a mom and a wife.

so a challenge i have for myself and for you all- if you feel so inclined
is to recognize YOUR talents; big or small.
embrace them because they are you and you have every right to
be proud of who you are.
let your talents shine and bless others around you.


  1. I love love love this! Thanks so much for posting this, what a great message. :)