a visit from auntie Gay


we were more than thrilled to have aunt gay visit for two days.
it was refreshing and heartwarming to see her again. 
we enjoyed a lovely reunion filled with lots of laughter, advice, 
and catching up. she also got to meet mr. myles!
myles wasted no time showering her with slover, smiles, 
and gleaming eyes. flying in the air with auntie gay was his favorite. 
and the way he would stare and look around was adorable.
 he is such a curious little nugget.
 on monday we set off for the new mall that opened up in salt lake city,
the city creek mall. 
it lived up to my high expectation after all the hype it's had.
we strolled around soaking in the fun atmosphere
and landed in H&M- one of my favorite stores. 
 myles was a trooper to say the least and put on his best shopping face.
we started getting hungry, so
afterwards we ate lunch at blue lemon.
i loved the modern feel blue lemon had. 
the smells alone were warm and inviting.
and my my was the food scrumptious. 
we had a great time chatting away and admiring little myles. 
he would chime in occasionally but mostly liked sharing secrets with aunt gay.
for dinner that night we went to mikado- a japanese restaurant. 
the whole gang came. 
sarah and scott- my siblings, and taylor (hubs). 
 all and all we had a great time with aunt gay
and can't wait to see her again in June! 

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  1. love love that face. can't wait to meet him and kiss those cheeks!!