rumor has it

everyones' been saying myles genes come from my side and that he 
strongly resembles my older brother scotty pictured above. but lately there's 
been a shift in opinions.
 we have quite the list of believers that claim
 he has moody written all over him.
 to get a feel for which side of the family he looks more like, 
i took picture of myles with daddy
 and myles with uncle scotty. 
previously i was convinced he was close to identical with scott. 
however, im starting to see some subtle changes in myles
 looking more like his daddy. 
as an outsider- who do you think he looks more like?

its nuts how much a baby changes & develops even in the first few weeks. 
just to note some noticeable changes in punkin boy now at 5 weeks:
his double chin is becoming more pronounced, 
as are his eyes, nose, and arms. 
his legs & belly are finally chunking up- my FAVORITE. 
his squeal (before he starts crying) is losing its high-pitchfulness 
if that is even a word- and oddly enough
i'm a little heartbroken over this. 
that squeal has given me a good laugh at least 65+ times.
hes got a gator grip like no ones business.
he loves to stand- so much that if he is feet are touching anything hard,
he'll push off and try to stand. 
warning: if you are trying to eat whilst sitting down 
with myles laying on your chest
don't be surprised if he pushes off your legs and to your 
dismay your food goes flying.



  1. oh wow myles and your brother look sooo similar, i can definitely see the resemblance!

  2. ok that is so funny you say that because I completely thought he was all fischbuch the first few weeks but the most recent pics you've put up, I've totally seen more of Moody in him. I think there is still a good mix though. Too cute:)

  3. yep! def moody all over the place:) How exciting it must be to see how he grows and changes for sure:) miss u guys!!! how old is he now?? so glad i stumbled across your blog again. its been a while. cant wait to finally meet little myles. he is adorbs!! hope all is well i utah for you guys:)