asleep on my lap

myles is beginning to smile and it is beyond precious. 
every mothers dream come true.
melts my heart every time.
this morning, while he was asleep, he shot me a big fat gummy smile.
oh-my-goodness it was YUMMY.
adorable, delicious,
(I caught the very end of it in the first pic on the left! hurray!!)
i just wanted to squeeze that chunko body of his & kiss him 
all over but decided not to wake him- he was too peaceful. 
Ah, how i live for these moments. 


  1. That is so precious Mary! I can't wait till I have one of my own :)

    I'm glad we got to go to that event together on wednesday. I want to have you and Taylor over to our place soon for dinner and games or something!

    You are so much fun! I seriously love you girl!

  2. He is so precious! I'm expecting a baby boy at the end of April. I CANNOT wait.