let's call it a date

Today, Taylor and I were fortunate enough to have Debbie (MIL) watch 
Myles so we could go out & enjoy some quality time together.  
So what did we do as baby-free parents?
Went to Costco of course. One of my favorite stores to explore- next to Ikea.
We wandered around aimlessly and found ourselves in the furniture section
drooling over the perfect gray sectional.
It's definitely on the want need list.
Afterwards we made a stop at Pirate-O's for some glass bottled sodas. 
grape crush for me and classic coca-cola for hubs. 
There is something special about drinking out of glass instead of the can
Three words that come to mind: classy, timeless & romantic.
 As we were sipping away, I couldn't help but look over 
at Taylor and feel giddy- Like we were dating all over again. Having a baby will do it to ya.
Today, I was reminded of how much I love
holding hands, being goofy, having grown up conversations, 
and doing simple things together with your husband.
Dates are the best, period.

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