a milestone

Myles is 4 weeks old today!!! Wowza. He's getting so big.
Today he marked his first milestone--
he fell asleep in his 
bouncer chair for the first time!
This is a big deal for him and I.
99% of the time the only way he will fall asleep is if I 
am feeding him and his tummy gets full or if I stand up and rock him 
around for a while. Myles loves to be held no matter what mood he is in.
Unless he is in a deeeeep sleep, he will wake up immediately no matter
how gently, slowly, or carefully he is set down. And its like 
this with everything from his swing, 
to his bouncer, to the bed, to his car seat. 
He's one smart baby that can't be fooled.
I'm convinced there is some underlying force against me. 
It's like his internal alarm goes off with a robotic voice echoing
We've had some real frustration with that robot of his. 
So Myles, thanks for putting robot on mute today!


  1. hahaha! That is EXACTLY how sydney was the first month, then something miraculous happened one day and she allowed us to put her down. But, sometimes she still reverts to that little I want to be held baby :)

  2. Jackson was like that for like 3 months until I just had to let him cry. I started giving him more time during the day for himself (and myself). I so remember being so frustrated. And now we're still trying to teach him to sleep well in his crib at night. He's doing a lot better, but in my opinion, it's better to start sooner than later lol You're doing great! hang in there=D