almost a month, for reals?

(More newborn photos to come-- photo's by Cris C Photography)

Our sweet Myles is almost four weeks old.
Why can't time slow down- geez! 
He's growing out of his newborn diapers at a quickening rate. 
His hunger squeal (uhh...definitely soprano) is high pitched. Actually, high pitched is an understatement. 
It's ear wrenching & pierces the ears leaving behind a ringing sensation for about 15 secs.
His chin quivers when he nurses- serving as a reminder not 
to fall asleep- the falling asleep... it's a problem.
Sleeping is one of his many talents.
He loves to stretchy stretch his long skinny legs- especially when the diaper is off.
When we don't change his diaper fast enough he will spray us with pee pee &
This is becoming a regular habit of his- oh joy!
He is making more eye contact & becoming increasingly aware of his surroundings. 
He loves to sleep bundled up in his soft minky blanket
Mom loves rocking him to sleep on her chest. 
His tiny cough = adorable
even more adorable = his teensy O face he makes with his mouth after nursing.
Bath time is his favorite and will immediately calm him down if he's being fussy.
Myles loves to be held. period. 
And did I mention he Loves to eat. He's a foodie. Aren't we all foodies?
Sleeping at night is improving- hurray! Mommy get's three to five hours of sleep instead of one or two.
Myles is so close to smiling, but for now a side smirk will have to do.
Maybe I'm in denial about the smiling because Dad said Myles smiled at him- eye contact
and everything. Sad I missed it. 
He loves car rides on exceptionally bumpy roads.
Yup, that's my boy, my little bean, my squishy peach.
Proud Parents

Moms out there, can you relate?


  1. He's such a sweet little baby. Take pleasure in every moment because before you know it he will be walking and talking and you'll wonder where your cuddle bug went!

  2. you have a BABY!!!! and he is SO CUTE!!!

  3. He's gorgeous! And I love the angel wing pictures, they're amazing

  4. Oh my what a doll!!!!You too did good he is darling.