hands can be a problem

If Myles could have his way, he would never sleep swaddled. 
He's a little pea that hates the pod.
It's a tough battle to get him to keep his arms down while 
mommy struggles to wrap him up.
 He loves to have free arms that rapidly swing around in the air 
occasionally whacking himself in the face. 
Those arms of his are grade A entertainers. 
When he wears his mitts (to prevent him from scratching his face) 
It's as if he's playing in a ping pong or tennis match
with some killer paddles whipping all over the place.
I laugh so hard, it's adorable. 
Baby Myles, I would let you keep your arms out all the time 
if you could refrain from smacking yourself in the face   
while sleeping. 
It's a problem. 
Lets work on it. 

 swaddled up
the result of his hands waking him up

 ping pong gloves in starting position


  1. hahaha soo cute. same with sydney. we eventually got a swaddle me swaddle that has velcro to make sure it stayed together at night! you should get one :)

  2. Oh man, CUTE post. Even cuter baby!!