Well, here we are in waiting mode. 
For some reason I strongly believed we were going to 
have an early baby, well, at least a few days before 
the due date. So of course I started planning and 
expecting that to happen. 
If you are a mother-to-be, don't kid yourself and 
don't have expectations. 
Days painfully and SLOWLY roll by
and you will be left empty handed and disappointed. 
Doubts start clouding your mind 
"Is something wrong with my baby? My body? Am I even pregnant?"
But as soon as you start thinking all those things, 
the baby makes a reassuring movement inside and 
hope is immediately restored.
So it's been four days past the due date (January 7th)
and I haven't felt any changes or had any contractions. 
Thankfully I will be induced Sunday if nothing happens and I cannot 
even wait!! If he already makes me this happy 
inside of my tummy, I can only imagine 
how he is going to melt my heart 
when I get to see him. 
Life is so beautiful. 
It is an honor to carry such a precious & divine spirit.
I'm thrilled to experience the love 
a Mother has for her baby. 
I hear and read about it but to be able to experience it 
 myself will be pure sublimity. 
Taylor is more than ready for our baby to come. 
I'm just so grateful for him. He's really stepped it up 
these last few weeks helping me prepare for the baby. 
We are on the same page 
and it feels so good to know that he 
is with me 100%. 



  1. You look beautiful! He'll come when he's ready... 40 weeks seem long enough though so going over that I can only imagine would be TORTURE! You'll be a great mother! Motherhood is truly THE BEST!

  2. 40 weeks & still looking fab. but i want that baby out, for your sake. "am i even pregnant" ha you kill me. come on baby boy!!!!!!!!!

  3. Looking good, Mary! Can't wait to see some pics of that cutie!