baby shower

Marissa & Nicole are two of my favorite ladies & some best friends a girl could ask for. 
Two weeks ago they hosted an adorable baby shower for me,
and it was absolutely perfect.
Ever since Taylor and I moved to Draper 
I really haven't had the chance to see many of my Provo friends
as often as I would like, so it was wonderful to get to spend 
some time with them and catch up on everything.
(Side note: Don't mind the sweaty preggo pits!)
 Marissa did incredible planning out & hosting the games- Oh, and did 
I mention she made that darling diaper cake? 
She's talented.
We played 3 games and my favorite was the diaper game- it was hilarious.
We had to take a diaper and guess what type of chocolate bar 
was melted inside. I think I got two answers right out of eight 
and that was only because I was given the answers 
from my helpful neighbors (Ashley & Elizabeth).

Group shot! Beautiful ladies.
Nicole did an amazing job on all the decorations 
and tying in a blue theme (since we are having a boy). I loved all of the thought that went into 
everything- especially the blue chocolate fountain. 
I could not get enough. 
I told the girls I needed a food break practically 
every 20 mins. 
A tad excessive, yes I'll admit it.
 So glad my little sister, Sarah could make it! (on the right)
 After I left I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed with 
 love for all of my friends. I am so blessed to have them.
As for Maris and Coley, I can't thank you each enough 
for throwing such a wonderful shower. Can't wait for 
the day when I'll be throwing each of you a baby shower :)


  1. SOOO adorable MARY!! :) You and Taylor will have to send me pictures of you guys with your new baby while I'm out on my mission!! :) I'm making a new blog right now so that I can put my MTC address on it and my mission address!! :) Hope to hear from you ...and hope to see your baby! :) xoxo CONGRATULATIONS GIRL!! :)

  2. ok this blog is pro! it looks great. so do you! the shower was so fun!! thanks for letting us. xoxoxoxo. i can't wait to get some mary time over christmas break :) i'm going up to slc tonight and officiallyl will be on break!!!