will baby moody....

Look more like me (Fischbuch/Stanford gene)? 

 Or his Daddy, Taylor (Moody/Brown gene)?
Wasn't Taylor just the cutest chunk?


  1. mary you are the cutest little baby. i feel like i've never seen baby pics of you. and taylor, oh my. you guys are going to have one CUTTTEEEE babe. Can't wait to see what he's going to look like! I hope hes a little chub like taylor :)

  2. Holy chunka boy! I hope Baby M comes out small (for your sake) and chunks out real quick. Either way he's going to be adorable and I can't wait to kiss and squeeze him!

  3. Annieee- it's sad because my parents only have a handful of pics when I was little (hence my motivation to take tons of pics of our babies). I hope he is a Taylor jr. real bad haha.

    Carson- You couldn't have worded that more perfectly! I hope he chunks up as SOON as he comes out ;)

  4. Taylor was the chubbiest and cutest baby. Those Moody/Brown genes are pretty awesome. Add in your beautiful genes and your little baby boy is destined to be a handsome chubbster. Can't wait to meet him.