my little babe

(photo credit: RaeTay Photography)

This week I have been feeling overwhelmed with a million thoughts racing in my
mind. I feel like I'm ready for our little baby one second and completely 
unprepared another. To get educated I have leafed through 
articles upon articles, books right and left, and spoken with friends/family for advice. 
I don't know where all these mumbo jumbo emotions have been creeping from,
but I assured myself that their stay is only temporary. 
Yesterday, I was feeling particularly anxious and rather hopeless. 
My instinct was to call up a friend, so I did. She filled me 
with such hope and confidence- I went from crying to laughing in seconds and 
felt so much comfort hearing her sweet words. She is a mother 
of a two month baby boy and has already been through the rocky 
sea of lost hope and doubt. Gratitude filled my heart as I sat 
there listening to her share stories I could relate to and take in her advice for 
me to soak in these moments. I realized that what I'm feelings is completely natural and so many soon-to-be mothers have been here before. 
Afterwards, I took a long bath (I take one almost everyday), pulled out  
The Santa Letters, a book my Grandma gave to me over 
Thanksgiving, and read aloud to my little munchkin.
He squirmed around like crazy. I couldn't help but smile and gently rub my tummy in awe
of this little miracle beaming inside of me.
I love him so much. 
Every one of his little movements brings so much peace and joy to my soul. 
He is so real. I have never felt so alive in my life.
I can honestly say that I am so EXCITED to be a Mother. Heavenly 
Father has entrusted me with this baby and I won't let him down.
It is truly a miracle what our bodies are capable of creating and I feel 
blessed that I have had such a healthy pregnancy. 

(photo credit: RaeTay Photography)


  1. Mar, you are going to be an amazing mom. Taylor and baby M are so lucky to have you!! Love you!

  2. This is truly incredible! You inspire me. Love you girl.

  3. Adorable post Mary! So glad I found your blog :)


  4. Who took your pictures Mar? I love these!