I've always had a desire to visit Chicago. In October I was fortunate enough 
to take a short trip out there with my mother-in-law to spend time with 
Brittany, Trevor, and little baby Maili! I felt guilty leaving Taylor behind 
but boy was this trip worth the sacrifice. Brit & Trev live in the loop
down town and live steps away from incredible 
shopping (H&M, Anthropology, Nordstrom Rack, Old Navy, etc), a vast selection 
of restaurants, the metra train (Blue Line), and just a few blocks away from Millennium park where you will find what locals call "The Bean".
The weather was absolute perfection and so we took advantage 
spending hours each day exploring the city. 
The walking just about killed my 27 week preggo body 
but it was worth the pain, blisters, and craps. I found myself quietly "ooing" and "awing" 
at the elaborate architecture that seemed to embodythe heart and spirit of the city. 
The Chicago River was stunning- majestic really. 
It gracefully flowed right through downtown Chicago and created
  a peaceful contrast to the busy rhythm of the city.
Chicago is easily one of my top 5 favorite cities.
I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking. 




  1. Mary!! I'm so glad I found your cute blog. Chicago looks like so much fun. You look great by the way! Miss you :)

  2. oh yay! I'm going to follow your blog now! you are too cute!

  3. Mary! Looks like you guys had fun in Chicago! Mailey is just to die for!