Baby Update

I have to admit, I have been lousy at keeping my pregnancy 
documented and rather regretful because time has already slipped
away so quickly. Here I am 6 months pregnant with a whopping
4 pictures to account for my pregnancy over these past 6 months. Oopsies. Better 
step it up in the picture department, eh?

So without further adieu here is my belly transformation!

week 14

week 18 @ graduation dinner

week 19 @ home

 week 23 @ Amanda's baby shower

week 24 @ Oquirrh Mountain Temple

In three more months I will finally get to meet this little guy! Taylor and I 
beyond excited! We already love everything about him. 

Nine months gives you a lot of time to think about a little baby growing inside 
of you and also gives you time to prepare and to calm your nerves so that by the end of 
the third trimester you are so ready to meet this baby.
I believe that becoming a Mother is the most extroidinary 
gift anyone can receive.
I feel very blessed that the Lord is entrusting me with this baby!


  1. Oh Mary you are the sweetest little pregnant mama. Just wait until you hear his little cry and hold him the first time. It's a love like nothing else. We are so excited for you guys.

  2. I totally regret not taking weekly pictures to see the transformation!! You have lots more weeks to take pictures, so keep it up. You look great!

  3. YAY! I am so glad you have a blog so I can keep up with your life! We miss you guys! By the way, love your baby pump pics..keep them coming!!

  4. MARY! You are probably the cutest pregnant girl I've ever seen. So good to see you guys the other day. Love these pictures!