alpine loop

Okay, I'll let you in on a little secret. 
You have not experienced Utah if you have not taken a drive 
on the Alpine Loop during the fall. 
The rich colors, variety of textures, the rustic smells, the calm breeze. . .
Yes, it's true. 
Mother nature will draw you in and hold you captive.
Do not try to resist, her beauty is compelling.
Allow yourself to let go and be free. 
Free from doubts, worries, & insecurities. 
Let nature inspire you. 

On a Friday afternoon I headed out with Benny, mother-in-law Debbie, and Ginger
to drive the Alpine loop before we missed out on all the fun fall colors. 

With my Nikon 5100 in hand,
this little journey was the perfect way to practice using
the variety of settings on my camera. 
Let me know what you think?


Once we finished the Alpine Loop we drove further east and stopped by the one and only Cascade Springs.
I had no idea this natural spring even existed. 
It was fairy tale-esque. 
The sound of water was music to my ears.
There was something about the simplicity 
and the innocence of the water that was so refreshing. 
Nature girl at heart, I was one happy camper.
Ahhh....Fall is the best!


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