Yesterday August 17th was my 22nd Birthday! 
Truth be told, I woke up this morning feeling older and wiser. Ok, not really
but I did feel an overwhelming sensation of love towards my husband, Taylor. 
I have needed several pick-me-ups over the past week and Taylor has come to the rescue no matter the hour of night or the significance of my little upset. Lately, pregnancy has thrown some curve balls my way and I am left feeling lethargic, unmotivated, and well just plain depressed. 
Taylor and I have had some long talks to help me overcome these unexpected feelings and challenges. He reminded me of my talents, what I am passionate about, and had me making goals in my mind. Something I tend to do is make a pile in my mind of all the things I have to get done and I am left feeling stressed and miserable. So baby steps it is. Wish I could do leaps! 
I will work on one thing at a time and don't look back to see what I haven't accomplished. 
This process has required patience on both 
ends but I am so grateful for the help (my hubs) 
I have along the way. Couldn't do it without him. 

As I reflect over past year ...
             I have married my loving husband for eternity
                           I have graduated with a bachelors in clinical psychology 
                                             I am 19 weeks pregnant
                                             I feel more confident and sure of who I am 
                                             I have learned how to cook gluten and dairy free
My birthday was awesome!! I was lucky enough to celebrate with my family who were in town for my recent graduation. My day consisted of a pedicure, shopping, eating a delicious lunch, 
 yummy cake & presents, relaxing, then sushi & a movie when Taylor got 
home from work (with a slurpee and hi-chews of course). My present from Taylor 
is a getaway weekend up at the Stein Eriksen Lodge in Park City. Cannot wait!!!  

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