It's Tradition

I am one big fan of traditions.
For as long as I can remember I knew that as soon as I got married,
I wanted to start making traditions. 
Well, as soon as Taylor and I were
married I had free domain to create new,
seemingly insignificant traditions that 
represented us, the Moodys.
 I am proud to say that our first non-holiday tradition 
is to drink a cup o' tea before we go to bed.
(Herbal Mint Medley by Bigelow is the way to go!)
We use that time to relax and unwind 
from our busy schedules and tune in on each other.
This new tradition that started a mere
9 months ago has been a 
pleasant addition to our day and I look forward 
to the evenings when its time for a 
cup o' tea.


  1. What a sophisticated tradition! I might have to try this out!

  2. tea is magical, good tradition. You should try some fruit teas