A good friend of mine Ashley North Sturgill was married almost a month ago!
 She was such a stunning bride and had 
the most adorable wedding! I was lucky enough to be
one of her bridesmaids. 

I was in love with all of the intricate details and vintage
feel of her wedding. 
Congratulations Ashley and Brad! 

The month of June is full of weddings! 
Taylor and I cannot wait to get a break of Provo to go down to 
California in two weeks. Let the count down begin! 


  1. Love the last pic! Haha you guys are too cute. What a beautiful wedding! Miss u Marrrr

  2. i am counting down..9 days!! wait, are you coming wednesday?

  3. Thanks Brittany :) Can't wait to see pictures of your baby boy!!

    Annie! We are coming in Thursday!! :) I have my final on Wednesday.