unraveling months

Where has time gone?
These past few months seem like a jumble of memories, events, 
happenings, that have compiled together and are in desperate 
need of some attention. So I thought I would give a quick 
low down of some of the things Taylor and I have been up to.
Sadly I have to recap not on weeks but on months,
so bear with me.

The beginnings of a new adventure for me, 
my internship/job at New Haven. 
Let me just tell you, a residential treatment center is 
literally a life changing experience not only for the patients
but for employees like me. 
I have had countless opportunities to reevaluate my own personal
struggles and have gained so much knowledge from these insightful, 
incredibly intelligent young people (girls) who 
have pushed me, tested my boundaries, and have 
trusted me from day one. 
I have finally discovered what brings me joy, what excites me 
and what I am passionate about.
I have never felt more secure in my major (Psychology) since I 
took on this internship. 

As taxing and draining as the job can get, 
at the end of the day, I am really grateful for my experiences 
there and the people. Taylor has been such an amazing 
support through it all. He loves to hear my stories
and gets excited that I have finally found 
something that I really enjoy.

Valentines day
Taylor took me out to Shoga Sushi 
I could not have been happier. 
It was such a romantic evening- beautiful aumbiance, 
we practically had the place to ourselves
(partly because we celebrated Valentines day 3 days early), 
we had such a great time catching up, laughing, 
and talking about our future.


 Afterward, Taylor surprised me with a little shopping spree
so we headed over to the mall after dinner.
We ended the evening just kickin' back at home
watching Lord of the Rings 
with a variety of treats we splurged on.
Fun night indeed. 

Taylor and I had cousins and my siblings over 
for dinner on Sunday. We made taco salad 
and had so much fun. 
There was lots of catching up, cracking jokes,
eating, and playing liars dice. 
Nothing like a good time with family!

 So good to have Parker back!

Ashley, my dear friend is getting married in May
and her bridal shower was hosted at 
Spark was the perfect location with it's 
modern vibe, flavorful (virgin) drinks, and 
fantastic service. 
Ashley was glowing! It was so nice to catch up with her
and experience her excitement. I loved being the 
only married friend there and filling her in with 
little details here in there. Being married is so great and
I am thrilled that her day is almost here.

Ashley is going to make one hot wifey! 

Winter semester is finally over- and boy does it feel good. 
Come spring, come summer and I'll be a graduate!


  1. Mary, I cannot tell you how much we miss you guys! Lets plan a night in the next week or so where we can have you over for dinner PLEASE!! You are gorgeous and you just seem so happy. Love you!

  2. yay i love your updates :) needs to happen more often!! miss you guys!!!!!

  3. So fun to meet you the other night! Darling blog!