Two Thoughts

I have recently developed an eye for children. I spot them out everywhere I go and find myself captivated by their tiny bodies, contagious giggles and smiles, curiosity, and their innocent actions which, consequently, can result in an angry scolding or spanking from the Mamma bird. Brittany, my cute&hilarious sister-in-law, just had her first baby. Baby Maili. Oh my goodness. I don't think I have ever drooled over a baby this much before in my life. Could part of my infatuation be that she is family? Or that I'm at the age where I can say- "Wow! this could be me in the next few years?" making baby Maili even more surreal? Who knows. Have no fear, baby Moody is not coming anytime soon- I just had to share this self-realization of children (in particular babies) I discovered today.

It's funny how quickly minutes sail by as you get older. When I was a little Mary, all I wanted to do was grow up and be a big girl and it seemed to take centuries. Now that I'm here, married and about to graduate, time is speeding up at a quickening rate. So, moral of the story: stop and smell the roses; immerse yourself in richness of the life you surround yourself in- the colors, the smells, the seasons, the people, the textures, the elements, the nature. Add up any combination of these and you'll find desired happiness. Eliminate obsessions, addictions, impulsive desires that beguile you & haunt you. The key is to instill proper balance in your life each day & everyday for the rest of your life. I have to remind myself to breath sometimes because I get so caught up in trivial details that cause outrageous stress and anxiety that don't even matter. I literally say to myself, "Mary....... Breathe!" at least six times per day. Yup, do it. It will bring you back to your senses.


  1. I love it Mary. I love the way you write. The first thought...I am no where near...hahaha but I do understand a little bit how you feel even as a single girl...haha babies are the cutest!! Every once in a while I find myself thinking...mannn I can't wait to be pregnant. BUT I CAN WAIT! And I AM waiting for a while!!! haha As for the second thought, I LOVE it! I agree completely and have developed a few tricks myself, to bring me back to reality. haha I also tell myself to breathe a million times a day haha. Life is WONDERFUL and I am DEFINITELY not in a rush at all to get married or to do anything. I am enjoying life completely and have never been happier! I love you Mary!!! Tell Taylor hi! :)

  2. Mary you are so sweet. I love to read about your thoughts and feelings.. Love you Aunt Robin

  3. I like how you phrased "I recently have developed an eye for children" because that exact same thing happened to me a few months after I got married but I didn't know how to put it into words!! I was suddenly seeing kids and babies everywhere! It faded after a while but it returns every few months and I think "when will we be ready?!"

    We are kindred spirits Mary Moody!
    Love ya!!!