In my Sports Psychology class I recently learned about intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic is motivation through internal factors. Do you self-talk to motivate yourself? Do you gain/find pleasure in what you engage in without need for praise or a reward? On the other end of the scale we find extrinsic motivation. Extrinsic motivation is different in that it requires a reward, prize, and/or praise. This kind of motivation is dependent upon external factors. 

After grasping the concept of these two types of motivation I thought to myself, what kind of motivation do I practice? Do I study hard for me or do I study hard for the grade? Do I work out hard for myself or do I work out so that I will be more appealing? I realize that I practice both types of motivation. To answer those questions, I study hard because of the grade I will receive. I haven't been studying for me. Working out is comprised of intrinsic motivation. There is a lot of self talk involved to push myself and to keep expectations high so that I don't wimp out on a set, etc. Exercising the body feels so good. I feel so accomplished when I walk out of the gym, whether I'm exhausted or energized. It is important to take care of our bodies and love our bodies because they are a gift to us. 

Going on tangent there, it's evident how important I think it is to properly nourish and take care of your body. If you aren't active or don't have time. Make time. Be proactive. Lately I have really struggled with making exercise a priority. I haven't gone to the gym for the past four weeks and the lack of has made itself manifest in my attitude and constant feeling of fatigue. I explained this to my brother in one of our classes together and he strongly recommended I listen to the Tony Robbins "Get the Edge" 7 day program on how to believe in yourself and gain personal power. I always think these motivational guys are kind of cheesy, but Tony got me! He shook me up. I really had to think hard about what my wants are vs. my needs. What am I spending a lot of time doing? Is it important? What do I want to accomplish in life? I've learned more about myself in one hour than I have over the years. I am the type of person that needs someone to make me think about myself and who I want to be. If you need motivation, like I do, take a look around at people that motivate and inspire you. Talk to them, let them help you find your potential. Listen to someone like Tony Robbins that forces you to dig deep into yourself.


  1. that what just what i needed to read today! thanks marebs :)

  2. I find that Robert Allen is extremely motivating as well!