Weekend before finals

This weekend Taylor and I experienced a well-deserved break from school to catch a
breather before finals. It felt so nice to spend some quality time with one another. Some of 
the events that took place included: 

Catching up with two old roomies of mine Kelly and Jaime. I absolutely love them.

Visiting Brittany's (sister-in-law) art show put on by UVU--She is so so talented
My younger sister Sarah came along- it was a party
Next we spent the evening celebrating the marriage of Mari-Michelle to Devin at the Grand American Hotel. 

Her wedding was flawless and hands down the most gorgeous wedding reception I have ever been to
(I borrowed a couple pictures from Jessica Jolly to give you an idea of what it looked like) 

Caught up with good friends I have missed so much

The lovely Bryce and Jessie
We had such a great time

We bid farewell to all of our friends and drove to Draper to visit the fam for a little bit. We
were luckyenough to catch Maili awake. I cannot believe how quickly she's growing.
It still feels like yesterdaywhen I was in the room hours after 
she had been born-- time, please slow down. 
Debbie surprised us with a Christmas tree she wasn't using. 
It was like an answer to a prayer. I have been wanting Christmas decorations and a tree
and just like that Debbie had some extra. What a thoughtful Mother-in-law. 
We sure are lucky. 
So, once we got home--what did I do? Why yes, I immediately started 
putting the tree together to bring the Christmas spirit into our little basement 
home. I love it so much. I never realized how happy Christmas trees and festive decorations 
can make me feel. Christmas is a wonderful time. It truly is. 

(Debbie even had a theme to it...BYU colors)


  1. I miss you! When do I get some Mary & Taylor time? Love you!

  2. SO much fun girl! We miss you guys!