to happy beginnings

yeahhhh!! This is my (technically our) first post. I'll just leave a quick recap about our summer together which includes the biggest event we have ever witnessed, yeah, getting Married, that'll do it! "Mawwiage is what bwings us togethaaa today"...princess bride! Now of course there was the honeymoon to follow and then moving to Denver, CO for the summer to finish up Taylor's internship. Some other fun things we enjoyed were the AVP tournament, C Lazy U Ranch, and a volleyball tournament in Breckenridge. I'll try not to overwhelm you with too many pictures from the wedding!

                                                   When I became Mrs. Mary Moody 
                                             Coming out of the Temple...Married!
                                                       We had the best support in the world :)
                                               My sexy bridesmaids and best friends!
                                                    Ring Ceremony...my proud Father
                                  My singles-ward Bishop, Jerry Henley did an incredible job
                                                   Sweet Taylor reading his vows...
               Notice the grapefruits, flowers, and oranges! My flouriest did an amazing job! 
                                 Ahhh yes, the Groomsmen. Mormon Mob.
                                                        Taylor and Moody Mamma
               Our first dance..Taylor pulled some moves I wasn't expecting... He is quite the dancer

                                                    He gets his moves from Debbie :)

                                  The rapping King. Steve Rosa. His rap was Taylor and I to a tee!
                                              Getting the party started with the bridal party
                                         Bennett taking over the dance floor...he's such a mini Taylor
                                                                    Sooo eager!
                                            Girls waiting in anticipation to catch the bouquet  
                                                                And off we go....

Now that our eventful summer has come to a close, we've moved into the most beautiful season of all, Fall. Taylor and I have gotten settled in to our new, cozy, two bedroom, basement. We are so grateful we found this place, we love it. Decorating has been a blast, although I have ways to go. My latest project was purchasing 12 wooden picture frames from D.I., tossing the center, painting the frames black, and hanging them on my wall. Stepping back to look at the finished product never felt so good. The feeling of accomplishment is the best. As far as school and everything else goes, this semester has been the busiest of all and we aren't even into the heart of it yet! I am taking 15 credits, working at the Riverwoods outdoor mall as a "Courtesy Cart" driver, and started some hours on my new internship at New Hope Academy. Taylor on the other hand graduated this past April. However, he wanted to go back to school one more semester to take some more financial, real estate, and excel modeling classes. His extension was approved and he is now enrolled in those classes.He has been renamed the research King because he spends so many hours researching companies, critiquing his resume, writing and re-writing cover letters, etc. The best part of our busy lives is the small moments where we get to enjoy one another. Eating meals together on our rug (in the process of getting a table), cuddle sessions, washing dishes together, watching movies, going on walks, cleaning, doing hw, backrubs....you name it. It's in those moments that our love solidifies and we are in pure bliss.


  1. yesssssss! this just made my day. welcome to the blog world. LOVE your header pic. you 2 look gorge. :):)

  2. I love it Mary! Have I told you yet I am so sad I missed your wedding? Looks like an absolute beautiful day & such a blast! Every part was gorgeous! Glad I can keep in touch with you here. You two are beautiful. :) SO Happy you are happy. You deserve the best in the world. :)


  3. Beautiful. I can't believe your florist added those to the over hedge... beautiful! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  4. Mary, I love everything about this! You and Tay are so perfect together! Miss you! Love you so much!!!