A whole lot of pumpkin to go around

Halloween this year was a success! I married into an awesome family who definitely know how to celebrate the holidays in style and Halloween did not disappoint. Taylor, Myles, and I joined in on the trailer fun with a bunch of Taylor's Aunts and cousins. Aunt Jacque was the woman behind the wheels and was so sweet to drive the trailer around. We would hop on and off to trick-or-treat at each house. How fun is that? Especially for little kids that get worn out and tired from walking. The weather was perfect for trick-or-treating as well. Our little pumpkin was a good sport for his first Halloween trick-or-treating. His little hands would go nuts trying to grab a single piece of candy and he would get frustrated as other children flocked around him taking handfuls (and usually the piece he finally got his fingers wrapped around). Kids are ruthless when it comes to candy. He was also so overwhelmed with colors in the candy bowls so after his eyes got their fill, it would take him a second to sink his little arm in there and pull out a piece. I have learned this lesson many times, but patience is a virtue ;). We got some good laughs and Myles loved every second. Fun night indeed.


  1. his costume is to die for! love it!

  2. The Moodys/Browns always know how to celebrate best! They make everything fun (the trailer thing sounds just like em), looks like a blast! Myles is such a cutie! And so fun he has so many cool cousins:)

  3. Seriously precious!!! What an adorable pumpkin ;)

  4. ah--cutest pumpkin I've ever seen! I love little Batman too.

  5. Umm love love LOVE your blog header and name! So cute :)