A nature walk

I have a sincere love for nature. It's my go-to when something heavy is resting on my heart. The beauty of nature is inspiring even in its simplest form. On this particular afternoon, gloomy rain clouds were setting in. I had been planning all morning to take Myles out on a walk after I finished up some work and chores. We raced out the door to beat the rain and in no time I was enamored by the rich fall colors. We walked in silence taking in all the colors, textures, and sounds that surrounded us. All my busy thoughts turned to a peaceful calm as I relished in this moment I had with little myles. As I stood there watching him, a sudden rush of happiness swept over me and filled my heart with gratitude. Gratitude at its finest- because I am his mother. An honor and a privilege. I feel like these realities hit mothers time and again at unexpected moments, sometimes when you least expect it. This was the case for me. Tears started welling up and myles was now staring at me with the most curious expression. I started laughing because I felt so ridiculous and then he started laughing. oh my word it was so precious. 


  1. What a sweet moment with little Myles. Your photos are beautiful as well!

    1. Thanks Lauren! I hope you are safe away from Sandy who is moving in on Manhattan right now...

  2. Replies
    1. We got lucky! Utah has a beautiful fall.

  3. beautiful!! love that little profile chewing on the stroller.