oh watermelon

we had taylor's summer company party over at ivory ridge this year. it was a bright sunny day filled with lots of events and fantastic food. they had those massive bouncy castles, hula-hoop contests, a snow cone machine, of course a pool, and dancing contests. somehow taylor found himself manning the snow cone machine the entire time haha poor guy. that line never fizzled down either. when we weren't helping daddy over at the snow cone booth, myles and i were busy eating, soaking up the sun, and getting to know some of the people taylor works with. myles was extremely curious about my food and locked eyes on each bite i brought to my mouth. taylor was on a break from the snow cone booth with camera in hand. i decided to give myles a little taste of watermelon just to see what kind of face he would make. little did i know myles would have his hands, mouth, and face join in on the action. he loved it! every time i would pull it away to reposition it in his mouth, he would frantically move his head side to side in desperation until that sweet goodness was safely back in his mouth. mommy and daddy had some good laughs. oh the joys of new discoveries. they happen everyday. myles was bushed by the end of the day and fell asleep in his bouncer strategically placed under the table, away from the sun. good way to end the day.

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  1. i love that i came across your blog! it was so good to meet you at carsons shower :)