thyme and season

mckell came into town for her bountiful reception and a 
cute little bridal shower. 
carpooling with jess, i decided to bring myles along with me and i was impressed; 
he was on his best behavior for a good portion of the shower.
i have to say, it felt a little bit like home reuniting with mckell--
 like i was back living in the avenues again. 
where a big group of us girls created a strong foundation of friendship.
so many good memories were made living at the avenues. 
and now most of us have moved on, married, each of us beginning a new stage in life. 
for the shower we ate a this little restaurant called thyme and season
 tucked away in bountiful, ut.
 we had some sort of bbq chicken that was off the charts tasty!
the company was exceptional considering it was a big happy reunion
and mckell, well mckell was glowing!
she looked beautiful and it was wonderful to see her again 
and give her a big fat hug. 


  1. I miss the Avenues all the time. We had some fun times! You all look beautiful! Miles is such a cute kid, he's getting so big!! Miss you girls! :)

  2. I love seeing pictures of you and Myles!! I miss the Avenues too. Such a fun place to live!