two friends two babes

we took a trip down to provo to visit two very important people.
amanda and luke!
since childhood, oh i'd say first grade, amanda and i have 
been close friends. 
we have the type of friendship where you can go months without a word and 
when we finally reunite,
we just pick right up from where we left off.
it's a beautiful thing. 

so on this trip, myles and luke finally got to meet and get aquainted.
it was adorable to see them with wide eyed stares gazing at each other 
like foreigners. 
they were such cuties together.
myles and luke are already buddies in the making and i look forward 
to many more play dates with amanda and luke. 
amanda and i spent hours sharing stories and 
cracking up at our curious babes. 
we even got a little domestic and made some puppy chow. 
you have to try it- simple, easy, and delish.
thanks again amanda and lukey! 
until next time. 


  1. I was wondering when I was gonna see another post from you :) so cute! Can't wait to play when you get back!

  2. i've been craving muddy buddies SO BAD! love your lemon-y blog! so cute.