feeling good today

i feel amazing today. 
the feeling like i'm ready to go hike a mountain 
and bellow "hallelujah" at the top of my lungs sort of good.
i have mr. myles to thank
because I got SLEEP last night.
he was so thoughtful to sleep through the night only waking twice
for feedings. other than that, not a peep. 
can i just brag about this chunk. 
he is such a good baby and makes my day 
everyday. his warm, sporadic smiles beam so bright
i can't help but smother him in kisses. 
here my little pea in the pod
 is taking an afternoon nap before we are off 
to the dr. for his two month shots. boo. 
hate shots. and im pretty sure i'll be crying along with him. 
wish us luck!

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  1. What a sweet little baby! good luck with the two month shots- I don't have kids yet but my sister in law said that watching the baby get the shots was horrible- so much harder than she expected! Just be brave! And remember- all babies survive their shorts!

    new follower :)