we have a little monkey on our hands

Today I managed to get Myles really excited by repeating his name 
in the most outrageously high pitched voice you can imagine 
about fifty times. 
It got his mind racing, arms flailing, and eyes moving in 
all sorts of directions. 
He was just moments away from a smile- a real, true, meaningful smile. 
But alas, it never came.
Was I disappointed? Not for long. I mean, how could I be 
when I get to look at my little babe in this adorable 
monkey sock beanie. He is so dang precious. I 
could sqeeze his chubby cheeks and smother him with kisses all day. 


  1. Mary he is adorable!! I can't believe you're a mommy! It's seems like it was just yesterday we were all eating Mckell's cookies, staying up late talking about boys! Where does the time go?! Anyways, I'm so happy for you and Taylor!

  2. okay his hat has GOT to be the cutest thing ever made, he looks perfect in the beanie lil thing!