a family outing

last friday was supposed to be a post valentines date night 
with tay- just the two of us.
however, plans changed and myles joined in on the date. 
two valentines is even better than one!
so there we were as family of
three off to a favorite of ours- chipotle.
for myles it began with tearful eyes and a blood 
curdling cry in the car seat.
but as soon we hit a few bumps in the road 
the tears subsided, and he was one happy camper.
by the time we reached chipotle he was asleep.
nothing better than a sleeping baby when its time to eat.
we each ordered the chicken burrito bowl (classic) with 
a bag of salted lime tortilla chips on the side.
those chips are a must have item.
after we exchanged some laughs, smiles, and some 
we polished off our meals and zipped 
over to target (the other half of our date).
our shopping came to a screeching halt within the 
first fifteen minutes.
mr. myles had decided to wake up.
that little punkles made sure the whole store could hear those 
agonizing vocals of his.
and there we were, two flustered parents, struggling to 
calm him as we hustled for the exit.
when we got home we couldn't help but crack up
at the entire target fiasco. 
you would to. it was quite the event for us newbie parents.
even though our first family outing 
ending abruptly and was short-lived,  
we loved it. oh the drama young infants can create.
date night just wouldn't have been the same 
without our little myles.

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  1. Your pictures are awesome! You must be loving your [sorta] new camera! Myles sounds like a handful! In the best way :)