temple wednesdays

For the past 6+ weeks I have had the privilege 
of attending the Temple every Wednesday 
with one of my best friends, Marissa. 
I treasure our time spent together
and feel blessed to have her in my life. 
Met in Singapore. Friends since 5th grade. 
We were meant to be.

So far we have attended sessions at the Draper, Jordan River, 
and Oquirrh Temple and continue to rotate 
between the three. 
Usually we will just meet up, go to the session, chit chat/take a
picture and then go our separate ways. 
However, this time, I wanted to mix it up a bit
and deviate from the norm.
After our visit to the Temple, we drove up
to the Oquirrh Lake in Daybreak to eat some sack lunches I had prepared.
It could not have been more perfect & picturesque.
The sky was a clear blue.
Air was crisp (and chilly, mind you).
 And the sun beamed down allowing our shivers to subside.

Birds were everywhere,
clustered together in little packs.
Oh, and when I say birds, I mean Seagulls.
Say What?
Yeah, this is Utah and there were Seagulls everywhere
+ a few ducks + a few geese.  

Of course we got into a little feeding frenzie with our sandwich crust. 
It was hilarious watching the birds compete for 
the little morsels of bread. 
Wish we had brought more.

I fell in love with a little duckie who waddled
up the bank to where we were throwing the bread. 
Such a brave little guy.

Can't wait for next week- Daybreak X2!
Hopefully we'll get lucky and all the birds will be there again.


  1. your pictures turned out great! i love your new camera and camera skills!! and the bird pic turned out legit! if you're a bird i'm a bird right?

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun. You look so cute, and I'm so jealous of your camera...I think I'm asking Santa for a camera(way less expensive cuz I'm no proffesional lol)